10 Truly Bizarre Incidents From The Bass Strait Triangle

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There are seemingly certain parts of the world where strange things are seen and even stranger things happen. The Bass Strait Triangle is one of those places. This mysterious part of the world runs from the southern coast of Victoria in Australia over the stretch of water that is the Bass Strait and into the mysterious regions of Tasmania.

While most of the bizarre accounts on our list are connected to the Bass Strait itself, several times, these encounters have seemingly wandered onto the mainlands. Perhaps the most famous of these incidents is the case of Fred Valentich. While that has been covered here before, the first two points on our list share bizarre connections to the famous case, so that’s where we’ll start.

10.The ‘Invisible Plane’ Encounter Of Jason Manifold

On the same day that Fred Valentich disappeared (October 21, 1978), Roy Manifold would capture a picture (shown above) of a strange object in the sky over the Bass Strait. Whether the object in the picture is connected to Valentich’s disappearance or not is open to debate, but it is considered to be a genuine picture (in that there has been no manipulation of the image).[1]

Roy’s son, Jason, was with his father on the evening in question. He says that while his father had gone inside his shed after taking the picture, Jason remained outside watching the sky. Although he didn’t see anything, he could hear the sound of a plane engine overhead. Instead of gradually fading off into the distance, however, the engine suddenly came to a stop “as if someone had turned a radio off.” Then, there was nothing but silence.

Manifold believes what he heard was connected to the disappearance of Valentich. What makes his seemingly trivial detail all the more intriguing is that it comes up again in our next strange encounter, which, coincidentally or not, happened almost 44 years to the day previously.

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