10 Truly Bizarre And Chilling Cases Of Mass Disappearances

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When someone goes missing, however unexpectedly, it is often quickly forgotten by all except those closest to the person who vanished. However, when multiple people disappear at the same time, especially a large group, it is obvious that something bizarre and potentially dark has taken place.

Even more interesting, these mass disappearance events are on record going back hundreds or thousands of years. What’s more, they continue today. In the age of the Internet and “eyes” everywhere, perhaps the mystery of such disappearances will soon be solved. Until then, however, the morbid intrigue and theories about these bizarre events will continue.

10. The Anjikuni Lake Incident 1930

While seeking somewhere to rest for the night in November 1930, fur trapper Joe Labelle came across an Inuit settlement near Anjikuni Lake in Nunavut, Canada. Although a fire was burning beneath a pot with scorched food inside, there was no trace of the 30-strong community.

Furthermore, each hut still contained each resident’s personal possessions. The community’s food and fish supplies were full and untouched. As unlikely as it was that the entire village had just up and left at a moment’s notice, it was even more unlikely they would do so without taking their clothes, weapons, and community food supply.

Labelle informed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) from the nearest telegraph office. They sent a unit to the isolated settlement. On the way, the Mounties stopped for refreshments at the home of local trapper Armand Laurent. He informed them of a strange gleaming object that had flown over his property several nights earlier. It had headed in the direction of Anjikuni Lake.

Upon arriving at the Inuit village, the RCMP confirmed that it was completely abandoned. In addition, the graves on the edge of the settlement were all broken open and missing their respective bodies. Even more bizarre, the stone markers were neatly placed in two piles on each side of the graves.

The case remains unsolved despite two investigations by the Canadian authorities in the early 1930s.[1]

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