10 Supposed Secret Wars Waged By Nefarious Forces

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Our world is ruled by chaos, happenstance, and impulsive action. As a species, we crave a narrative laden with meaning to help ourselves to make sense of the complexities of reality, so we create stories. This is modern mythology, and it’s just as fascinating and compelling as the struggles between the Greek gods and the titans or the Norse gods and the ice giants.


10. Antarctic Wars

The idea that the United States is waging war through weather modification and earthquakes is an old one indeed, but more recent conspiracy theories hold that the HAARP technology has also fallen into the hands of America’s geopolitical rivals. In remote locations around the world, they say, networks of ionospheric manipulators are being built by the United States, China, and Russia (along with Norway, for some reason). The new front line of this struggle is apparently Antarctica, where mysterious structures have been linked to HAARP technology by conspiracy theorists.

The Chinese center is apparently at the Zhong Shan Antarctic Polar Station, supposedly linked with a facility in Svalbard built with the cooperation of a Finnish university. Theorists fear that control of the Antarctic will allow for the full application of deadly ionosphere-manipulating technology, able to cause earthquakes and modify the weather with deadly results.

HAARP struggles aren’t the only conflicts reported from the Antarctic region. Conspiracy sites report that Julian Assange has information regarding a secret UFO war fought by the US Air Force. Apparently, in 2004, a flotilla of UFOs emerged from the Antarctic seas and set course toward Guadalajara, Mexico. US fighters were scrambled, and the UFOs dimensionally relocated beneath the waves. Other reports have UFO flotillas heading for Argentina and Chile.

These mysterious ships, identified as reptoid, attacked a couple of Chinese submarines with a tsunami weapon, causing a number of injuries but no fatalities. Humanity has supposedly been hitting back. It’s said that US space-based disintegration beam weapons destroyed three UFOs off the coasts of South Africa, Chile, and Peru, respectively.

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