10 Obscure Mysteries Surrounding Forests Around The World

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Forests are truly amazing places. Combining impressive biodiversity with natural beauty, the woods of the world can be both captivating and perplexing. A hike through a forest can be a relaxing way to pass an afternoon or, sometimes, a glimpse into the unknown.

There are many forests in the world with question marks hanging over them. Just think of Poland’s crooked forest and the Rendlesham Forest incident. On this list are some lesser-known mysteries surrounding forests around the globe.

10. Triassic Mystery

Often referred to as the dawn of the dinosaurs, the Triassic period kicked off the Mesozoic era. The name stuck in spite of the fact that the creatures that roamed the Earth during the Triassic period were closer to crocodiles than dinosaurs. One of the creatures of this time remains unidentifed: Kraterokheirodon.[1]

The mystery that is Kraterokheirodon started with the discovery of a strange-looking tooth in 1946. The tooth, shaped like a shell, was handed over to paleontologist Edwin Colbert at the time. Nothing came of the discovery until Colbert’s interest in the tooth was sparked anew by the discovery of a similar one in the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. He did his best to identify the creature that the tooth belonged to, right up until his death in 2001.

While the Kraterokheirodon teeth are somewhat similar to those of cynodonts, they are a lot bigger and do not necessarily show any relation to them. It is also unknown how the strange teeth would have fit into the creature’s mouth. The only thing known for sure is that Kraterokheirodonwas a massive animal. Experts are continuing their research in the hopes of uncovering this mystery.

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