10 Notorious Gateways And Portals That Might Whisk You To Hell

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8. Seven Gates Of Hell

Hellam, Pennsylvania, is said to be home to “The Seven Gates of Hell,” which are located in a wooded area off Trout Run Road. There are several legends about the origin of this gateway.

According to one, an insane asylum once stood on the land. But it burned to the ground and allowed the inmates to escape. However, the asylum was surrounded by seven gates that trapped the inmates in a fiery cage, where they burned to death.

There is no official record of an asylum ever existing on the property. So the story can’t be verified and seems unlikely to be true.

Another legend tells of an eccentric doctor who erected a huge gate at the entrance to the lonely road to his property. Rumors soon spread that there was a series of other gates along the road which would eventually lead to Hell. In reality, the doctor had set up the gates to keep people off his property.

Other stories link the town’s name to Hell. However, “Hellam” is a corruption of “Hallamshire,” a district in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, from which many of the settlers in the area originated.

Although the legends regarding the origin of the gates differ, all of them agree on these points: There are seven gates in the woods of Hellam. Only one is visible in the daylight. If you pass through all seven gates, you will be taken straight to Hell.

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