10 Notorious Gateways And Portals That Might Whisk You To Hell

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Whether in ancient mythology, modern social media, or drunken conversations late at night, the subject of Hell and where one might enter such a domain has raged throughout history. Here are 10 examples of supposed gateways or portals to Hell, which are probably anything but. That being said, would you still be happy to enter?

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10. Stull Cemetery

Stull, Kansas—and especially its cemetery—has gained a notorious reputation for satanic, occult, and paranormal activity. The legend states that the Devil himself appears in this location and that the cemetery is one of the gateways to Hell.

For generations, some of the locals have talked about these stories as though they’re fact rather than urban legend. They seemed to gain momentum in the 1970s, with the origins of the modern legends stemming from a fraternity prank.

However, there has been strange activity in Stull. Buildings have mysteriously caught on fire with no obvious cause. Strange voices have been heard and occasionally picked up on tape recorders, especially the voice of what appears to be an old woman.

There are also legends, particularly among the young people who drank there, that if you threw bottles against the old church, they wouldn’t break. After the church was destroyed amid fears that its aging walls would collapse and harm one of the thrill-seekers, a high fence was erected around the cemetery.

The small town was immortalized even more when Slasher Films released the horror flick Nothing Left To Fear in 2013. The movie was based on the legends of Stull.

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