10 Modern Incidents That Suggest Portals Really Might Exist

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Some encounters suggest that portals really do exist. These events are usually investigated by UFO researchers and organizations due to their strangeness. Even people involved with the CERN project have spoken in such tones, with hopes of soon being able to better understand other dimensions.

Here are 10 intriguing events, all bizarrely unique. However, the more we understand other dimensions and how humans might perceive them, the more it appears that there may have been examples of such experiences for some time.

10.The Harry Turner Incident (1979)

Despite having reached his final destination on a new route, long-haul truck driver Harry Turner had no recollection of the journey. He noticed a gun in his hand and empty shells scattered around the cabin of his truck, indicating that he had fired all eight shots. Then the memories came flooding back.

His truck had been swallowed by a bright light as he drove to Fredericksburg from Winchester, Virginia. Apparently, Turner and his truck had been carried in perpetual nothingness. As his mind scrambled, the door to his vehicle suddenly flung open and an ironlike grip took hold of his shoulder. In a complete panic, he discharged his weapon, although he could not see any visible assailant.

The next thing he knew, it was 3:00 AM and he sat in the warehouse parking lot of his delivery destination. The journey should have spanned 130 kilometers (80 mi). When his truck was analyzed, however, it showed that he had only driven 27 kilometers (17 mi).

Turner believed that he had entered a portal andĀ encountered an ultraterrestrialĀ (an interdimensional being). Supposedly, this was the creature that had grabbed him (and at which he fired his gun). A report was made to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), but the incident is still unexplained.

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