10 Modern-Day Accounts Of Animal Mutilations

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8. Regular Mutilations In Colorado Since 1999

Tom Miller first began to notice strange killings and mutilations of his animals in 1999, by which time his family had been raising cattle in Colorado for three generations. According to Miller, the mutilations have been happening regularly ever since. He states that he has found cattle with eyes missing, limbs cut off, tongues cut out, and even some with their ears removed—always with laser-like precision. In most cases, the animal’s body was also completely drained of blood.

Some skeptics argue that the injuries are just the work of natural predators, but Miller dismisses this theory. While he admits that he doesn’t know what is behind the attacks, he rules out that they are the result of other animals, stating to the media, “Predators don’t drink 11 pounds of blood and leave the carcasses intact.”

While some cattle mutilation investigators have made connections to UFO activity and alien involvement, investigator Chris O’Brien believes that the mutilations are more likely the result of a secret government testing program. He believes that the apparent increase in mutilation cases since the late 1990s and 2000s is due to the Mad Cow Disease scare in England in 1996. O’Brien states that when the affected animals were destroyed, their bodies were made into fertilizer and then shipped worldwide. The mutilations are, according to him, likely to be secret testing of animals to ensure that there is not another outbreak of the deadly disease.

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