10 Modern-Day Accounts Of Animal Mutilations

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9. Over A Decade Of Mutilations Wales, 2001–Present

The Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU) had been investigating animal mutilations in Wales for over a decade by the time they announced in 2013 that they strongly suspected aliens may be responsible for the attacks.

Phil Hoyle of APFU has stated that the organization is looking at the UFO connection, in part, due to the precise nature of the injuries as well as what appears to be a lack of blood where the animals were found. Further still, he stated that farmers had reported “unusual lights” over their land at the same time the mutilations were thought to have happened, while some members of the larger community had witnessed strange objects going in and out of the sea.

“These are not done by satanic cults,” Hoyle told The Western Mail. “These are very sophisticated—whether done by aliens, military or some clandestine monitoring, something unusual is going on.” Hoyle even went on to claim that Wales, along with the United States, was a hot spot for these kinds of strange animal mutilations.

Some examples of these mutilations include a dead lamb being found in Beddgelert, Gwynedd, in 2001. A strange hole in the shape of an oval—created by some undeterminable mechanism—was discovered in its hip bone. In 2002, over the course of a week, Brook Farm in Plwmp, Dyfed, lost a total of six rams and six ewes, all were discovered with precise cuts made to their jaws and tongues. In 2009, at Woodside Farm, four ewes were discovered dead, with strips of their face missing. According to the farmer, between 15 and 20 of his ewes would simply disappear each year.

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