10 Lesser-Known Military Installations Of Conspiracy Lore

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Everyone knows about Area 51, supposedly the center of secret American UFO research and the most secret military installation in the world. While in reality the base has been used for the development of superbombers and stealth aircraft, conspiracy lore has it that it has also been used for a variety of more esoteric research and development projects, including reverse-engineering alien technology, time travel, weather control, teleportation, and energy weapons. Although Area 51 is the most notorious military installation beloved by conspiracy theorists, there are other bases and facilities around the world with their own stories and legends as well.


10. Roosevelt Roads Naval Facility

Once the largest naval facility in the Caribbean, the Roosevelt Roads Naval Facility near Ceiba, Puerto Rico, has been linked to the bloodsucking chupacabra. Rumors abound of animals found drained of blood near US military assets in Puerto Rico. Eyewitnesses have claimed that the Forestry Service was colluding with the creature or its handlers to allow it to escape into nearby woods, while agents of the Department of Agriculture actively kept people away. People believed that the chupacabras were fleeing into the Yunque and Toro Negro rain forests to escape deforestation and pollution.

Many of these reports also coincided with UFO sightings, particularly near a controversial US Navy radar installation at Lajas, the National Guard’s Camp Santiago in Salinas, and Roosevelt Roads. A janitor employed at Fort Buchanan in San Juan reported seeing a dead chupacabra kept on ice and said that military officers threatened him to remain silent. Supposedly, vicious living chupacabras were kept at Roosevelt Roads in the 1990s before being shipped to the mainland US. Some claim that the Navy was engaged in genetic manipulation, possibly linked with the nearby Caribbean Primate Research Center. Rumors persist of a network of caverns beneath Roosevelt Roads, said to be inhabited by a tribe of chupacabras which were left for the people of Ceiba to deal with when the Navy abandoned the base in 2004.

According to Puerto Rican ufologist Jorge Martin, in 1997, a young man was killed on the streets of La Colectora in the city of Santurce. The man was shot at close range as he sat in the driver’s seat of a Honda Prelude. In the backseat, police found a vial inside a manila envelope in the pocket of a military-style jacket. The crystal vial contained some kind of embryo in a translucent liquid, and the manila envelope had the handwritten words “Base de Ceiba,” which could only refer to Roosevelt Roads. A television news investigation ensued, which received phone calls saying that the embryo was nothing more than a souvenir toy.

However, an anonymous source from the Puerto Rico Forensics Sciences Institute reported that a medical examination was underway when an American pathologist burst in, and federal agents came to declare the area off-limits. He also said,

We saw the small body that was in the jar, and it was different from the ones shown on TV. It was not a keychain. It was not a toy. [. . .] What I saw was made out of flesh, tissue and what seemed like blood. It had very pale skin. It looked like a small fetus or embryo . . . but it was really weird. It was an ugly little thing.

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