10 Infamous UFO Sightings With Unbelievably Simple Explanations

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6.The UFO–Wind Turbine Crash

In 2009, UK tabloid The Sun printed a story so incredible it made the world sit up and take notice. After a night in which strange lights were seen in the sky, residents of Lincolnshire awoke to find a 90-meter (300 ft) wind turbine had been smashed to pieces in the night, exactly as if a flying object had crashed into it at high velocity. For days, the story of the Lincolnshire UFO gripped the papers until it became apparent that there was a far more earthly explanation.

A day after the Sun headline, The Guardian revealed that the lights had been one of their own journalists setting off fireworks for a birthday celebration. Meanwhile, the company that owned the turbine did its own analysis and revealed that a bolt had simply come loose at high speed, causing the turbine to disintegrate. Admittedly, “UFO Hits Wind Turbine” makes for a more appealing tabloid headline than “Bolt Comes Loose.”

5.NASA’s ‘Mysterious Lights’

Ever since the early days of space flight, NASA has made a point of giving their astronauts video cameras. Over the decades, thousands of hours of awesome space footage have accumulated, large chunks of which apparently contain UFOs.

Known as NASA’s mysterious lights, the videos show strange lights orbiting various NASA craft in low Earth orbit. As an added slice of surrealism, the astronauts talk about them as if nothing weird is going on at all. For many, this is proof that aliens are in such regular contact with the US government that insiders have ceased to find them anything but ordinary.

At least, that’s the theory. According to the astronauts themselves, they act like these lights are normal because they are. In one famous case, the object UFO-ologists got excited about turned out to be nothing more than a government satellite catching the sunlight at an odd angle. Other lights were ice crystals propelled into space by a shuttle’s thrusters or even a distant star.

Sure, it could all be a cover-up, but as former astronaut Mario Runco wryly noted in 2009, “I’d want the credit. Mario Runco was the first person in history to conclusively document the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. Why would I ever want to keep it secret?”

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