10 Folklore Monsters That Persist In The Modern Age

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No matter where you go around the globe, every region has its own monsters and legends, many of which stretch back hundreds or thousands of years. Others have begun in more recent times, seemingly out of nowhere. Regardless of their origins, all these beastly creatures continue to be seen in relatively modern times.

Whether these monsters really exist or are simply the result of people’s overactive imaginations is open to debate. While rationality suggests the latter, the persistent sightings keep the element of doubt alive.

10. The Billiwhack Monster

The long-abandoned Billiwhack Dairy plant of Santa Paula, California, has been the scene of many unsavory acts and shady dealings. It is also home to a large, “hairy man,” complete with ram-like horns and razor-sharp claws. The beastly creature is said to be “half sheep, half man.” According to those who claim to have seen it, the monster is not something to witness up close.

Reports of the Billiwhack monster appeared to be at a high in the 1950s and ’60s, but more sporadic sightings continue today. Many adventurous teenagers and thrill seekers often attempt to gain entry into the abandoned buildings of the plant to see the monster for themselves.[1]

If the beast does exist, there are many theories as to what it might be. Perhaps the most adventurous of these claims is that the monster was once part of World War II or Cold War government experiments that looked to create some kind of “super soldier.”

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