10 Famous Landmarks That Are Creepy Suicide Magnets

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8. Nusle Bridge

Imagine the quiet, idyllic Nusle neighborhood in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. It’s a picturesque collection of small houses and old apartment buildings, located neatly in a small valley. However, this particular paradise has a massive snake: The Nusle Bridge, a massive concrete construction that spans over the entire neighborhood, 140 feet (around 43 meters) over the streets below. Nusle Bridge holds the country’s main motorway, a viaduct and the local subway line.

Still, having the local subway system cast a shadow on them is the least of the Nusle people’s worries. The real trouble is the people falling on them.

The ominous bridge is a notorious suicide spot, to the point that it’s nicknamed “Suicide Bridge” by the locals. Around 300 people have jumped to their deaths since it was built 40 years ago. The city authorities have added a chain link fence and additional safety measures, but these have done little to diminish the bridge’s eerie reputation.

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