10 Eerie Paranormal Tales From Ireland

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Ireland is famous for its vast mythology. From leprechauns and fairies to banshees and kelpies, the Emerald Isle has at least as many legends as it has real, recorded history. But not every Irish legend is fairy tale material. The country has plenty of paranormal myths and ghost stories that are as creepy as they are mysterious. Here are some of the strangest ones.

10. The Moving Virgin Mary Of Ballinspittle

There are many Virgin Mary statues that are said to have mysterious properties. However, most of them are limited to crying or bleeding. In 1985, a particular Irish statue of the Holy Mother showed some special abilities stronger than that: It started moving.

The moving Virgin Mary statue of Ballingspittle was first witnessed by a retired police sergeant who saw it begin levitating in the grotto of the church. At first, he didn’t believe his own eyes—after all, the statue was solid concrete—but after inspecting it the following day and realizing there was no chance of foul play, he became convinced that he had witnessed a miraculous event.

The legend of the statue started spreading and others started claiming they had also seen it move. Of course, the phenomenon was—and still is—widely disputed. Scientists have written the statue’s abilities off as an optical illusion and even the Irish Catholic Church doubts the story. Despite all this, believers in the phenomenon stand by their claims. Some say they can still see the statue move sometimes.

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