10 Creepy Mysteries Involving Abandoned Vehicles

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8.The Disappearance Of Gregory Keith Mann Jr.

In 1997, 20-year-old Gregory Keith Mann Jr. was employed as a salesman at a Ford dealership in Wichita Falls, Texas. On May 10, Keith managed to sell two vehicles and was planning to deliver one of them to its buyer two days later. He then signed out one of the dealership’s demonstration vehicles, a 1996 Ford Mustang, which he was planning to use as his transportation over the weekend. Keith spent the evening with friends, but told them he needed to return to his apartment because he was planning to meet someone at 12:15 AM. Keith’s friends last saw him walking up the stairs toward his apartment, but he would not be seen again.

The following morning, Keith’s parents were surprised to discover the Mustang from the Ford dealership in the parking lot of a church located near their home. Even though the vehicle was locked, the trunk was open and one of the trunk’s side panels appeared to have been lowered. The car’s interior was also thoroughly cleaned. Since there was no indication he had spent the night inside his apartment and there didn’t appear to be anything missing from his residence, the most logical theory is that Keith’s disappearance was somehow connected to his midnight meeting. However, no one knows the circumstances of Keith’s meeting, so his disappearance remains unsolved.

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