10 Creepy Mysteries Involving Abandoned Vehicles

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9.The Suicide Of ‘Damon Hunter’

On December 21, 1991, the partially decomposed body of a young man was found in a wooded area in DeKalb County, Alabama. The victim had seemingly committed suicide by climbing on top of some logs and hanging himself from a tree. It was estimated he had been hanging there approximately four months before he was discovered. The victim appeared to be between 18 and 25 years old and while he had $60 in his possession, he carried no identification. Police remembered that an abandoned 1982 Ford Escort had been found in the area in September and wondered if there might be a connection. They decided to check the vehicle and uncovered a number of intriguing clues.

A birth certificate bearing the name “Damon Hunter” was found, but it turned out to be forged. Investigators would discover that someone calling himself by that name had purchased the Escort in Fargo, North Dakota, and stayed at a hotel there in August. The vehicle contained a threatening note with instructions for handing over money, which seemed to indicate that the victim had staged a robbery somewhere. Investigators also found a phone number for the Benedictine abbey in the town of Cullman. It turned out an anonymous man had phoned there in August to claim he was suffering from financial problems and that the lives of himself and his parents were in danger. He implied that he might have to commit robbery in order to pay back some money he owed. While there’s a good possibility that “Damon Hunter” was the suicide victim, authorities have never been able to determine his true identity or the exact circumstances surrounding his death.

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