10 Bizarre Claims Of Alien/Human Hybrids

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8. Miguel Mendonca’s Proof Of Alien Hybrids

Miguel Mendonca is a leading expert on green energy and renewable power sources. He is also convinced that aliens are in the process of helping humans evolve into “higher beings” by implanting their DNA into pregnant women around the Earth.

Mendonca, from Bristol, England, co-authored the book Meet The Hybrids: The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors On Earth with respected and experienced UFO researcher, Barbara Lamb. In the book, he claims to have met several alien hybrids, all of whom state they are involved in a mission that will improve the human race.

Mendonca claims that DNA testing would be of little use to help prove his claims, as only human DNA would be detected and anything else would simply be ignored. He also stated that the hybrids themselves are against their DNA being taken for fear that governments would use it to create super soldiers that would be utilized by the military.

Mendonca stated that he went into the project with an open mind, but that he can “feel” the energy of the hybrids when he speaks with them and is convinced of their authenticity. He also states that he is very much an “academic” and has to be “sure of his facts.”

He believes this is why there are so many UFO sightings and that the hybrid agenda is the reason “they” are coming to Earth.

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