10 Bizarre Claims Of Alien/Human Hybrids

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9. Born In A Petri Dish

It wasn’t until Cynthia Crawford was in her ’30s that her father revealed to her that she was the result of a top-secret government program. She was, her father informed her, an alien/human hybrid created in a petri dish, and that as well as carrying human DNA, she had the DNA of two different alien races as part of her genetic makeup.

She claimed that she had encountered what she believed to be alien abductions many times throughout her life—which included medical procedures and impregnation—but that she now realized these experiences were more likely part of the program.

She was told by her father that, as a child, she was taken in the middle of the night to an underground military facility. There, she was regularly tested and examined by government agents there. Despite the many doubters to her story, no DNA testing has been volunteered by Crawford to confirm her claims. She is a regular speaker at numerous UFO and alien seminars across the United States.

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