10 Bizarre Claims Of Alien/Human Hybrids

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Of all the alien claims and theories out there, the ones that speak of an alien/human hybrid agenda might be the most outlandish. However, many people do make these claims to the world, and although they themselves sometimes note how crazy they sound, they insist that what they’re saying is real. While it is hard for even the most enthusiastic ufologist or alien researcher to take these statements entirely seriously, they are still very interesting ideas.


10. The Body In The Car

In July 2015, the story of a supposed alien hybrid government agent, who had been found decomposing in a car, appeared on several online media outlets. The man, who was eventually identified as Jeffrey Alan Lash, was found with over a thousand guns, as well as other weapons such as knives, machetes, and a bow and arrows. He also had seven tons of ammunition and cash amounting to $230,000.

In addition to the car he was discovered in—which was designed to be able to drive underwater, no less—he also owned 14 other vehicles.

His fiance, Catherine Nebron, made the off-the-wall announcement of his otherworldly origin through her attorney shortly after his death. She stated that Lash had confided in her several weeks before he died that he was working undercover for several unnamed government agencies. He had left Catherine with instructions to leave his body in the car when he died, and that “government agencies” would come to retrieve it.

Initial background checks on Lash didn’t uncover any sign of criminal activity on his part, and investigators didn’t suspect that he had been the victim of foul play. According to Nebron, he had begun to experience difficulty breathing, but he’d refused to let her call for medical assistance in the hours before his death.

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