10 Alleged UFO Sightings Witnessed By Students At School

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There are countless UFO sightings all over the world, but some of the most compelling stories come from not just one person but rather an entire group of people who witnessed a strange phenomenon together. For whatever reason, schools have become a common place for UFO sightings to occur.

True believers think that young schoolchildren are less threatening to aliens, so it makes them easier to approach with their messages from beyond our galaxy. Is this whimsy from active imaginations? Is it shared psychosis? Or have these students truly witnessed extraterrestrial life?

10. Ariel School

In 1994, a class of 62 children at the Ariel Elementary School in Zimbabwe were playing outside during recess. The teacher was distracted indoors. The kids all heard a high-pitched whistling noise, followed by a flash of light. A silver UFO landed in the school yard, and several aliens came out of the craft.[1]

The children felt paralyzed. All they could do was stare at the aliens’ big, black eyes. Images began flashing in the children’s minds as the aliens spoke with them telepathically. One girl explained that the aliens told her that humans were not taking care of the planet properly, and the world was going to end. Her mind was filled with images of trees dying and the oxygen on Earth running out. When the aliens left, the children could move again. They all started screaming and running back to the schoolhouse to tell their teacher what had happened.

Dr. John Mack, a psychiatrist from Harvard University, visited the Ariel School to interview the children and teachers. The interviews were all recorded on video. Dr. Mack asked each of the children to draw what the aliens and the craft looked like. All of their stories and drawings matched. Dr. Mack said that from his years of psychiatric experience, he knows when people are lying or delusional. He completely believed their story. Even as adults, all of the kids maintain that what they saw was real and that the aliens were trying to send a warning to mankind.

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